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Small Recliner good condition – from smoke free/pet free household first and only owner mauve in color (color shows more brown in picture)



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How to Make Your Ad Stand Out on ZenMarket

Posting an online ad may seem like a no-brainer, but making your ad distinctive is crucial. Your neighbors often have the same products – and they may know how to close a deal. Whether you’re advertising a job, collectibles or even yourself, you need to stand out. Be bold, but careful – follow these tips so you’re not flagged as spam or otherwise get yourself in trouble. Tip 1: Sell With the Headline No one will see your ad if your headline doesn’t warrant a click. Put the relevant information in those few words, but don’t shy away from a truthful description of why someone should buy your item. If you own a classic car, say so; don’t limit yourself to listing the make and year of the vehicle. Integrate the words “vintage muscle car” or “collector’s item” if that’s what you’re selling. Tip 2: Write a Great Description Your description must inform potential buyers about the details of your product and weed out those who won’t be interested. Make it easy for buyers to scan yo…
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How to Find a Roommate in a Brand New City

Finding the right roommate can be difficult, but it’s even more of a challenge if you’ve moved to a new city where you don’t know a soul, don’t know the neighborhoods and don’t even know how to get around. These pointers can help you navigate through the choppy waters of new surroundings as you’re looking for an apartment to rent — with the added bonus of a congenial roommate with whom to share your living expenses. Where to Look for Roommates As the internet’s leading classifieds website, ZenMarket attracts millions of viewers, so you can be sure that if you post an ad there, it will be seen. Likewise, with so many posters advertising apartment rentals or looking for roommates themselves, you’ll have a great chance of finding the right match — and ZenMarket has thousands of roommate postings from across the country every single day. Best of all, it’s completely free to post an ad or respond to it, and you can respond to as many ads as you wish. What You Need to Know Once y…
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10-Steps to Finding The Best Apartment Rental for You

Finding the right apartment rentals is not really difficult if you know the right process to do it. Here is an easy-to-follow checklist that will ensure you find new digs that are right for you, with a smooth transaction and no surprises. 1. Determine Affordability This should not be an arbitrary number, but rather a percentage of your monthly income. Most experts say to keep your monthly rental obligations to less than 25 percent of your income. So, if your income is $3,000 a month, an affordable apartment for you would be $750 or less. 2. Lower Rental Costs Look for ways to lower your rental costs. Do you really need three bedrooms, or would two be enough? Can you get by with an apartment home with only a single bathroom or living in a complex without a swimming pool? Location affects rental costs significantly as well, so keeping your options open in this regard will help. 3. Add Renters Insurance No matter which apartment rentals you consider, rental insurance should …
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